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To all MCE customers, needing new insurance? Let us help!
MCE customers, let us help. Many of you are waking to news that your motorcycle insurance policy will end this month due to no fault of your own. It also appears that the no claims bonus you’ve earnt during your latest policy year will be erased, so if you had earnt 10 months for example, you’ll lose that and any discount that would have rightfully brought you at renewal. To try and help you, we at Bikesure have agreements in place with some of our insurers that if you’ve been insured with MCE for nine months or more and have been claim free during this time, we will honour that years no claims bonus when we quote you. For anyone that falls outside of the nine months, although we can’t honour one years no claims bonus, we may still be able to look favourably on your circumstances when quoting you as we appreciate the situation you are in. As a result we’ve set up a dedicated phone line to speak to you and offer this service which is 0800 085 9273 so please call us and let us help you. Alternatively you can PM me on here if you have any questions. 


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