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IVA Passed
The aero was brilliant George, far less wind turbulence. The only downside I found was the lack of wet weather protection. I used a crash helmet and waterproofs which were fine but just something to think about.
Got my v5 through only took 3 weeks, got an age related number so it’s F507FVF and doesn’t need an mot for 3 years although I probably will do it anyway. Just need some dry weather now lol
Hi George,

Check to see if there is a plastic saddle between your gear lever and the gearbox linkage.
This takes up any slack and provides a crisp gear change.

Made a huge difference when added to my setup.


Ebay search ... "sierra gearbox saddle"
Cat XL - ST170 - Megajolt - VVC Controller - R1Carbs.
Hi Jim I did put a saddle in a couple of years ago the biggest issue for me is that there is no resistance from neutral to reverse so I’m assuming something is wrong in the remote extension